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I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??


My blood is literally on fire right now. I cannot believe this.




Petition to get all cops to wear cameras:
Come on spread it!
Why is it more okay to be sexist against men and racist against white people? Not saying that you do any of this, you are awesome.


It’s not possible to be racist against white people. Racism is systemic, not individualistic. You can be prejudiced against white people. As that post says, being prejudiced against white people operates as a safety mechanism that does not impact the ability of white people to achieve their goals as a whole. No amount of prejudice from the black population of this country has prevented white people from making up the massive majority of the rich and powerful. There is literally nothing a black person in this country can do that can’t be overridden by a higher up white person. Even the president is stymied because the majority of people in politics are white.

A black person being wary and mistrustful of a white person means a black person protecting themselves. A white person with distrust of black people, meanwhile, can have a massive effect. A white person is more likely to have more money, to be the one doing the hiring and firing, more likely to be providing loans, more likely to be providing education, more likely to be making decisions that effect a black person’s life. Whereas a black person is not likely to be in charge of hiring and firing, of providing the education.

Same for sexism. Though women are the majority, they are not able to wield the same amount of power as men. Women being wary towards men, the effect is women protecting themselves. The effect is a dude’s feelings are hurt. Men who think women are terrible, the result is dead women.

Men are not afraid of women. 

Men don’t worry on a daily basis about how to protect themselves in case a strange woman tries to have sex with them.





Just so you know…

Police chief prolly passed a kidney stone after she said that. Mother fucker.

"im your state senator"

Holy shit, you guys. (additional source)


This is #Ferguson today. This is America. 

[Images from top by @ryanjreilly​ for HuffPo, @AP, @PDPJ for St. Louis Post Dispatch, @kodacohen for St. Louis Post Dispatch]

Hands up. Don’t shoot.

Torq and Orem being buddy buddy of course.
Orem has a hard time with physical contact…

Torq and Orem being buddy buddy of course.

Orem has a hard time with physical contact…


the partyyy. it’s hard to keep track of all this new armor

Hey, I colored the Torq yell!Gray skin is hard to paint for me…

Hey, I colored the Torq yell!

Gray skin is hard to paint for me…